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Get the Best Free Cellphone plans by Government

You are already know that government has a free cellphone plans called Federal Lifeline Assistance. The next things you should know that Virgin mobile is one of those company who participate in Assurance Wireless program. Want to get a free cell phone? You better know the qualifications first so that your chance to get the free cellphone plans is bigger. Enrollment can get on if you qualify in certain public assistance programs, like Medicaid or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) but you can enroll yourself based on your household income. Of course you should provide proof of program participation or any proof of your income. Then, the Lifeline Assistance program is only available for one wireless or wireless account per household. The other separate households that live in the same address are eligible too, residents of homeless shelters, temporary addresses and nursing homes are included too. 

This offer is limited to new eligible customers who are approved for Lifeline service residing in selected geographic areas and there is no transferable change, the requirement of free cellphone plans are varies in every states too.To get the free cellphone plans perfectly in time, you should check this offer quickly because the bonus minute promotion will ends in April 30, 2015 and only apply to first four months of service and will not roll over. You should have no worry about the quality of this program because Assurance Wireless free cellphone plans covered within nationwide area are reaching more than 282 million people. If you are wondering and asking if your area is included on the nationwide coverage area or not, you can check virginobileusa.com for detailed map, you will know about the service and requirement that needed to be completed to get the free cellphone plans.

Title: Get the Best Free Cellphone plans by Government
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